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Interest Statement Reports from DOP Finacle (for SBCO)

Interest Statement Reports from DOP Finacle (for SBCO)

  • Sign into DOP Finacle MIS site as Supervisor. 
DOP Finacle MIS site:
  • Invoke menu HFINRPT .
  • Go to Page No. 2, click on report number 25 'GL_Product wise interest balances report'. Give SOLID (if you need to take report of all offices under your HO, give SETID, select product group as SBSGP, give Financial Year as 2016-2017 click submit. 
Note :
Login as Supervisor., SBCO Page No 2, Menu No 25
Login as PA / SBCO Page No 3, Menu No 31
  • For other schemes, use appropriate product groups.
  • Now invoke HPR after some time, and click GO. Report will be generated there. If you are generating SETID report, it will take some time to generate report.

One Rank One Pension - A Status Report

Government of India notified the OROP scheme vide order dated 7th November 2015 delineating the principles of OROP scheme and the implementation process. This was followed by detail order on CROP scheme dated 3rd February 2016 enclosing 101 tables of revised benefits under the scheme, which were made available to various categories of Defence forces pensioners and family pensioners. A circular was also immediately issued on 4th February 2016 to all pension disbursing authorities containing detail instructions for making revised payments under the scheme.

2. The Defence Accounts Department was closely associated with the OROP scheme and undertook the following activities in the entire process-Collection, collation and presentation of variety of data and records of Defence pensioners for working out the financial implications.
Assisting the DESW/ MOD and PMO in finalizing the principles for rolling out the CROP scheme.

Working out more than 100 tables of various categories of pensioners revising the rates of pensions under OROP and formulation of government letter on the OROP.

Issue of detailed payment instructions to all payment authorities for time bound payments.

Initiating a dialogue with Banks who account for 75% Defence pension disbursements and closely monitoring release of payments well before the prescribed timelines.

The DPDOs became the first disbursing agency to have credited the revised benefits under OROP in a record time to the accounts of 2,21,205 Defence pensioners on 29th February 2016 amounting to Rs. 354 crores.

3. All the offices dealing with pension matters right from PCDA(P), PCDA (Navy), CDA/JCDA(AF), CDA (PD), CDA Chennai, the Aashraya team and the DPDOS rose to the occasion and carried out the tasks assigned to them in the most professional manner and well within the times-lines so prescribed. The agencies in the department worked as a well-knit team in a collaborative effort.

4. Another first was the dialogue, which was initiated with all the Public Sector Banks in advance taking them on board in the massive exercise of ensuring that time bound payments are made to lakhs of Defence pensioners. The mandate could be achieved successfully by advance planning, concerted follow up action and continuous dialogue with all stakeholders.

The latest update on release of pension benefits under OROP is enclosed.

Source: www.cgda.nic.in

DA Orders - Revised rates effective from 01.01.2016: Department of Post Order

No.of New Accounts Opened for Period of time in Finacle

No.Of New Accounts Opened For Period Of Time In Finacle

To check no of new accounts opened for a period of time in FINACLE.
Use "HACS" commandEnter the following details:
Then click on Submit or F10.





Guidelines on Partly posted transactions in DOP Finacle

Partly posted transaction will be created ( some scenarios) 

  1. If Teller has no cash while doing withdrawal / closure transaction 
  2. If account involved in the transaction has no sufficient fund 
  3. Selecting incorrect office account which funding 
  4. Using HTV , instead of using relevant product menus 
  5. Doing transactions with irrelevant or incorrect menus ( as a result of which scheme validation fails) 
  6. Not using validate button and doing postings , bulk postings 
  7. Without clearing validations in Inward clearing zone, and posting in HMICZ
Please note that transactions for which all records ( Both debit and credit legs) are in entered state then only transaction can be deleted. If any transaction is associated with other transaction ( Like closure interest transactions) , those transactions should not be deleted. 

If any transaction is in partly posted, it should be POSTED at any cost and then only should be verified.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Roll out of CSI AV & AD - Compilation of Instructions

Click Here to download the compilation of all instructions received in c/w rollout of CSI AV & AD.