Monday, 2 January 2012

Pending eMO Paid Updation

Steps involved in clearing pendency of eMO

  Ø Download the pending eMO detail files
  Ø Check the date of payment with reference to delivery slip
  Ø If already paid, request data through Disaster Recovery option available in Supervisor option of eMO module 
  Ø Once data is received, feed date of payment
  Ø Supervisor has to authorize the data of payment
  Ø In case of eMOs paid at attached SOs, if the operator has already made SO paid data entry, data will not be available in the Disaster data entry. In such cases, the data entry already done by the operator has to be deleted first (by selecting HO account date) and then disaster paid data entry has to be done and authorized by supervisor
  Ø In case of eMOs paid at local office, if submit account is not done after issue of MO to postman/Postman returns were not taken, data will not be made available for disaster paid data entry. Such cases have to take up the matter with PTC Mysore, by forwarding the eMO database backup and the list of PNR Numbers
  Ø If eMOs data is not at all received by the office of payment, Request resend option available in the eMO website has to be used by logging in as divisional administrator.
  Ø In case of eMOs booked with wrong date, Payment has to be made by issuing Duplicate MO. Once the DMO is paid, the paid date has to be given by the Divl. System Administrator in the eMO web site


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