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(Paper I Qn 1 to 25)

1.      The information regarding _____should invariably indicated in the communication over whose signature is issued
Ans: Designation of the officer
2.      “Promptness and courtesy” is an obligation of public services and hence it has been listed in:
Ans: Conduct Rules
3.      The Contact officer shall act as a s______for Task Force:
Ans: Member Secretary
4.      The Citizen’s Charter should be reviewed periodically:
Ans: After taking the Feedback from user and stakeholders
5.      Allocation of Business Rules came in to force from:
Ans: 1961

6.      In Postal life insurance, Delivery norms regarding change of nomination is ___ days
Ans: 10 days
7.      Normally a grievance should redressed be within a period of
Ans: Two months
8.      The department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances serves as Secretariat for the
9.      A citizen can use the website to
Ans: All of them
10.    Staff Adalat should be held in the Department every:
Ans: Six month
11.    The supply of stamps receive at HO form CSD is credited in
Ans: In All the above
12.    Who is responsible for the correctness of HO Cash book?
Ans: Head Postmaster
13.    The word Stamps include
Ans: Only postal stamps
14.    How many copies of consolidate schedule of stamps is prepared and how many copies in sent to CSD with the monthly Cash Account by HO?
Ans: 3&2
15.    Who supplies Commemorative stamps to Presidency Post Offices?
Ans: Nasik Security Press
16.    When damaged, useless or obsolete postage stamps or stationery are held by a Postmaster, They shall be
Ans: Written off under the order of Competent authority
17.    The Head Office Cash book (form No ACG-4) is a record of the transition of the
Ans: HO.SO & BO
18.    The detailed procedure to be observed for mails on which custom duty is Due in the office of foreign exchange
Ans: Foreign post Manual
19.    Advance for purchase of ___ is interest free advance
Ans: Bycycle
20.    When a pay of government servant is attached by any order of a court of law other that a decree for maintenance;

Ans: One third of salary can be attached
21.    Where an advance is taken, LTC bill is required to be presented within
Ans: One month of completion of return journey
22.    Purchase of goods up to the value of Rs____ only on each occasion may be made without inviting quotations or bids
Ans: 15000
23.    What is maximum amount granted as advance for purchase of typewriter for first time?
Ans: 1500
24.    Maximum flood advance can be granted up to Rs _____
Ans: None of these
25.    What is maximum amount granted as advance for purchase of motor-car first time?
Ans: 180000
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