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Agent Portal can be accessed using the the website 
Every MPKBY/PRSS agents will get the usernames and passwords at the time of migration to Fiancle by the DOP IT Chennai.
  1. All the accounts linked to a particular agent will be displayed one the agent logons to web portal.
  2. Separate lists to be prepared for Cash/DOP Cheque(POSB Cheque) and NON DOP Cheque.
  3. The accounts opened before 15th should be paid on or before 15th and the accounts opened after 15th can be paid on or before last day of a month.

RD Bulk List Preparation Procedure:-

Open the URL for RD agent portal then the system will ask to enter the username and password enter both of them as shown
  • Then click on login then the system will ask to change the password after the first login then change the password.
  • Note that the system will give you chance to enter the password maximum of 10 times for unsuccessful attempts.
After entering the username and password then the system will show the following screen
Then click on Accounts tab as shown
  • Then click on Agent inquire and update screen as shown
  • Then the system will show the list of accounts attached to that agent as shown
  • Then select the mode of payment i.e., select mode as cash/dop cheque or non dop cheque as shown
  • Then in the next step select the list of account numbers you are trying to pay in the list for suppose if you are paying for 5 customers we have to select the 5 account numbers. 
  • Account numbers in the agent portal will be in ascending order so select them. For example if your 1st account number is in page1 select it and if next account number is page3 go to page3 and select the account number in this way select 5 account numbers in our example as shown and then click on save.
Note that after selecting all the account numbers only click on save maximum of 50 account numbers can be selected for 1 list for maximum of 10000 for cash and no limit for cheque.

Then in the next screen it will display the selected accounts as shown


Select first account number enter the no of installments and then click on get rebate and default then system calculates the default and rebate automatically as shown and enter the ASLAAS number of the customer and then click on save


Select the account number enter the no of installments,enter the cheque number,enter the account number for RD installment(Bank account number on the cheque) and ASLAAS number and then click on save.

Then the system will show the message "installment saved successfully" as shown then the modified column for first record will change as "YES"
Then select the second record enter the no of installments,ASLASS number and then click on save as shown repeat this step for all the records.

After saving for all the records i.e., modified column will be "YES" for all the records then finally click on pay all modified installments as shown

  • Then click on pay all modified installments then system will generate the reference number with "C" as shown for cash,DC for DOP cheque and NDC for non dop cheque.
  • Then click on reports as shown 
  • Then enter the list reference number "________" and select status as "sucess" and then click on search then finally click on "OK" as shown

  • Then after clicking a PDF file will be generated take 2 copies and submit in the counter as shown in the below figure.

The detailed step by step procedure can be watched in the above video for preparation of RD bulk list for DOP Finacle.


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