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Finacle Training Lesson 4 [Function]

finacle training lesson 4 by poupdates



In the previous lesson we have learnt about the various items which we see on the finacle screen. If you have not read the previous lesson, please read it first and then come back.
In today’s lesson we will learn about the terminology used in Finacle.

Our Sanchay post terminology and finacle terminology are very different. Finacle terminology is on par with global banking nomenclature. So let’s learn it.

What is the new Finacle Terminology

Before we start the lesson please observe the following images.
1. Screen of CTM (SB Deposit/Withdrawal)

finacle training lesson 4 by poupdates

2.Screen of CRDP ( RD Deposit)

finacle training lesson 4 by poupdates

finacle training lesson 4 by poupdates

4.Screen of CRDOAAC ( RD Account opening)

finacle training lesson 4 by poupdates
5.Screen of HICHB ( Cheque book issue)

finacle training lesson 4 by poupdates

Did you see all the images? There is one thing common in all the images? What is it? FUNCTION. We will see an option called FUNCTION in all screens of Finacle. Let’s learn what is this function?

Imagine Finacle as a ROBOT. It will understand only Finacle language. For example let us assume that you want to do SB Deposit transaction. To tell Finacle to open SB Deposit screen we have to enter CTM in the menu shortcut field. After entering CTM in the menu shortcut field and clicking on GO button Finacle will open a screen as shown in the first image.(Please see the first  image).

Now Finacle is asking us “What do you want to do in this screen? What is your Function?” That’s why we see an option as Function in every screen. Finacle is asking us what your function is. We have to tell what we want to do in that screen.
Here in this case as we want to deposit some amount in SB account, let’s see what our Function is.

In finacle, doing transactions is called as adding transactions. Here we want to do an SB Deposit transaction in Finacle. Technically it is called as “We are ADDING one new deposit transaction in Finacle”. Are you getting my point? Let me explain in more detail.

Let us assume you have a bucket full of mango fruits. If your friend gives you more mangoes you will then ADD these mangoes to the bucket. Some people might say we are PUTTING the mangoes in bucket, but technically we are ADDING more mangoes to the bucket. Similarly we ADD new transactions to Finacle.

So, since we are doing a new deposit transaction, we choose the Function as ADD. Similarly when you are doing a new withdrawal transaction, then also we will choose the FUNCTION as ADD only.

·        when we are opening a new account, we will choose FUNCTION as OPEN
·        When we are issuing a new cheque book to the customer, we will choose the FUNCTION as ISSUE
·        When we are transferring an account from one post office to another, we will choose FUNCTION as TRANSFER
·        When we are closing the account, we will choose the FUNCTION as CLOSE.
*    When we are verifying a transaction we will choose the FUNCTION as VERIFY 

I hope you understand what I am trying to say. We tell finacle what we want to do by choosing appropriate function.

So that’s it for today’s lesson. We will discuss more terms tomorrow. I’m teaching very very little in each lesson. This is because I don’t want to confuse you by teaching so much in one day. Also I don’t want to waste much of your valuable time. Learn the lesson in just 10 or 15 minutes, that’s it. Spend the time with your family or spend it for yourself.

Points to remember:
     1.     FUNCTION is the option through which we tell Finacle what we want to do.
     2.     Function and Function code are same. They are used alternatively.
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