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Process of accepting RD Transactions of MPKBY and PRSS Agents Using BCP in DOP Finacle

In case Agent Portal is not working or any MPKBY Agent give in writing that she is not knowing operation of Internet or Finacle is slow or not working, following procedure may be followed for accepting agent schedules in MS EXCEL:-
Ø  Macro enabled excel sheet (format attached) has to be shared with the Agents.
Ø  For Cash Deposits, RD_Cash_Txn sheet is to be used, for deposit through POSB Cheque, RD_DC_Txn sheet is to be used and for deposit through other Bank Cheque, RD_NDC_Txn file sheet is to be used by agents.
Ø  Below are the details which agent has to fill:-
·         Agent ID
·         Payment Mode
·         RD Account No.
·         RD Installment Amount
·         No. of Installments
·         Bank Name (If the payment mode is other bank cheque {NDC})
·         Cheque Number (If the payment mode is POSB Cheque (DC) or Other Bank Cheque NDC)
·         SB Account Number (If the repayment mode is POSB Cheque {DC}
Ø  Agent can enter max. RD accounts upto 1000 records in Cash sheet but total of one sheet should not exceed Rs.20,000/-.
Ø  For POSB Cheque (DC) and Other Bank Cheque (NDC), the limit of number of record is 50 but there is no lmit of amount.
Ø  RD Account No, RD Installment Amount and No of Installments are mandatory.
Ø  If the Payment mode is POSB Cheque (DC), then the cheque number and SB account number are mandatory.
Ø  If the Payment mode is Other Bank Cheque(NDC), then the Bank Name, cheque number and SB account number are mandatory
Ø  Bank Name should be selected from the Drop Down.
Ø  Agent will present the file at Post Office Counter.
Ø  Counter PA should generate the txt file using the Generate File option provided in the first sheet named Home.
Ø  On click of Generate button, below specified validations are taken care.
o  If the Payment mode is cash, for the complete excel sheet, the total amount should not exceed Rs 20000/-.
o  If the payment mode is POSB Cheque (DC), then Cheque # and SB account number mandatory check alert message will be displayed, if the values are blank.
o  If the payment mode is other Bank Cheque (NDC), Bank Name, Cheque # and SB account number mandatory check alert message will be displayed, if the values are blank.
o  Also, all the records are sorted in ascending order. The order of Column is Bank Name, Cheque No and RD Account Number.

Ø  The file will get saved in the Counter PA’s local desktop.
Ø  Counter PA has to invoke CAGTU menu to upload the txt file in Finacle core

(A)            HOW TO OPERATE CAGTU?

CAGTU – Criteria Page

Ø  There will be 1 field in the criteria page. Viz., File Name and it is provided with Browse button.
Ø  User can browse the file from local desktop and on click of upload.
Ø  From there the file will be read and the details will be inserted into the required custom table.
Ø  See screenshot for the criteria page.



(B) CAGTU – Results Page

Ø  On click of upload, results page will be displayed with the File Name and the result message.
Ø  See screenshot for the Results Page.

(C)      CAGTI – Criteria Page

Ø  User has to then go to CAGTI – Custom Agent RD Bulk Transaction Inquiry Menu for inquiring the transactional details uploaded thru CAGTU menu.
Ø  There will be only one criteria and one results page available for this menu.
Ø  In Criteria Page, the fields displayed as Agent ID, Date, File Name and E-Banking Ref No.
Ø  Agent ID, Date and File Name are mandatory fields.
Ø  E-Banking Ref No is an optional field and when entered, it will display all the details at RD account level.
Ø  To find out E Banking reference number, user will enter file name uploaded in the file name field and then click on searcher of E Banking Ref. No. which will display E Banking reference number. User has to select E banking reference number from searcher.


(D)      CAGTI – Details Page

Ø  Based on the input criteria like Agent ID, Date and File Name, the results will be displayed in the Details Page.
Ø  RD Installment Amount, No of installments, Rebate, default fee and Total RD Deposit Amount displayed will be the total of the entire RD accounts available in that Reference Number.
Ø  In the status field, the total success records uploaded versus the total RD accounts available in that Reference Number will be displayed.
Ø  If the E-Banking Ref No field is also entered along with other mandatory inputs, then in the details page, all the RD account details w.r.t each account will be displayed.
Ø  In the status field, if the message is success, then that record is successfully uploaded. If the status field is failure, then that record insertion is failed for any reason.

Ø     Counter PA has to then follow the same procedure as followed when Agent is presenting RD Schedule generated from Agent Portal and coming with E Banking Reference number. This e- Banking reference number is to be then processed in HAGTXP menu.

(E)       Handling of Emergency Cases when Finacle is slow or not working

Ø     When Finacle is slow or down and Post office is not able to accept all the agent schedules either prepared through Agent Portal or through BCP Excel Sheet in HAGTXP, Counter PA with the permission of Postmaster/APM/DPM/SPM in writing in the ERROR BOOK, can accept all agent schedules/Excel Sheets and accept cash/POSB Cheques/Other Bank Cheques and give receipt to agent prepared manually. Cash of those schedules which cannot be accepted in HAGTXP can be kept out of account and these schedules can be posted in HAGTXP by putting Value Date as the date of acceptance of cash/POSB Cheque and Cheque Clearing date (in case of other Bank Cheque so that depositors or agent is not forced to pay penalty.
Ø     However, Counter PA(s)/SPM should maintain a register and enter Agent ID/E Banking Reference No./Date of preparation of schedule by agent/Total Amount/Value Date entered by Counter PA and Supervisor will sign against each entry in the register.


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