Saturday, 23 July 2016


Day-8 - IPO Exam - CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 

1. Short title, Commencement and application

2. Definitions

3. General

3-A. Promptness and Courtesy

3-B. Observance of Government’s Policies

3-C. Prohibition of sexual harassment of working women

4. Employment of near relatives of Government Servant in companies or firms.

5. Taking part in the politics and elections.

6. Joining of Associations by Government Servants

7. Demonstration and Strikes.

8. Connection with Press or other media

9. Criticism of Government

10. Evidence before committee or any other authority

11. Communication of official information

12. Subscriptions

13. Gifts

13-A. Dowry

14. Public demonstration in honor of Government Servants.

15. Private trade or employment

15-A. Subletting and vacation of Government accommodation

16. Investments, lending and borrowing

17. Insolvency and habitual indebtedness

18. Movable, immovable and valuable property

18-A. Restrictions in relationto acquisition and disposal of immovable property outside india and transactions with foreigners.

19. Vindication of Acts and character of Government Servant

20. Canvassing of non-official or other outside influence

21. Restriction regarding marriage.

22. Consumption of intoxicating drinks and drugs.

22-A. Prohibition regarding employment of children below 14 years of age

23. Interpretations

24. Delegation of Powers

25. Repeal and Savings


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