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Solution for NSC/KVP closure error - "No Records Fetched " in DOP Finacle

Generally we can close the certificates i..e, KVP and NSC individually by using the menu CSCCAAC.
For bulk closure we generally have a special menu CNSBCV also note that bulk closure has some restrictions we should follow before using this menu they are mentioned below
  1. Bulk closure for certificates should be used only for maturity accounts and not for premature accounts.
  2. Bulk closure for certificates should be used for Transfer transactions i..e., either to SB account or Postmaster account. This menu can't be used for Cash transactions if the user want cash go for the menu CSCCAAC. 
  3. In bulk closure maximum of 50 accounts can be processed but if the server is slow sometimes all the accounts will not appear in the verification. For more details after verification view the HPR report in the supervisor to know the success and failure report of accounts.
  4. Sometimes the bulk closure will happen in the CPA role but for verification they will not come in order to view inquire in HAFI. Then verify the accounts using CSCCAAC.
Sometimes when we try to close the certificates we usually get the error " No Records Fetched" during the closure.
  • The error screen shot will be as shown in the below figure
From the above screen shot it is clear the system is showing the above said error.

Root Cause for the above Problem:-

The above problem arises during closure of certificates i..e, KVP/NSC due to one of the following below mention reasons
  1. The input criteria provided in the Registration No. field is incorrect. R has to be suffixed for Registration number.
  2. Also if we have selected the wrong Product also we will get the above error.
  3. Also if we enter the wrong CIF id also we will face the above error.
  4. One most important point is that due to network slowness the account might been closed already and not verified.

Solution for the above Problem :- 

In order to solve the above problem try with the below mentioned solutions it can be different for different cases as mentioned the root cause in the above hence try all the solutions to clear the above problem. The solutions for the above problem are mentioned below 
  1. If the registration is incorrect then suffix the registration number with R. Then for some cases this will work.
  2. Enter the correct CIF and Select correct product then click on Go for closure this will work for some cases.
  3. Most important point is that first check whether the said account which causes above error is already closed or not using the menu HAFI. This happens due to network slowness. 
  4. If the account is already closed as per HAFI then cancel the closure using HCAACVTD then again close the account in counter PA and verify the closure this will work for most of the cases for certificates closure.
Source: POFinacleGuide


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