Thursday, 11 August 2016

Option Form for Postal Assistant/Shorting Assistant having Basic Pay 11860 on 01 Jan 2016

Dear PA / SA whose basic pay is 11860 on 01 Jan 2016. Have you filled option form? If no then it is better to know which column is more beneficial and which should be scored out in option form. Lets see the calculation then we thing to fill option form

7th Pay From 01/01/2016
7th Pay From 01/07/2016
Pay + Pay Band
After one Increment 3% of 11860 = 12220
Multiply by Fitment Factor
11860 * 2.57 = 30480.20
12220 * 2.57 = 31405.40
As per Pay Matrix
Increment 3 %
Already availed
Current Pay Matrix

Now the conclusion comes out that you should opt 7th pay from 01.07.2016. This is more beneficial in your future increment and MACPs. Although you have lose of 6 month arrears but which can be covered in some next month.

Thanks to
Shri. Rajendra Meena
Rajasthan Circle
Jaipur - 302004


dipankar dey said...

Why should we leave our arrear,when others r getting.two level of BP 11170 and 11510 are fixed at 29600,so the person getting 11510 should be given increment and fixed at 30500.then since both 11510 & 11860 are same at 30500,so 11860 wil be fixed at 31400. Otherwise think the person who is getting 12220 as on 1/1/16 will be fixed on 32300 and he is getting arrear also and he is straightway 2 slab senior than 11860 but in 6 th cpc 12220 is just one slab senior than 11860.if not solution comes this time but surely it will be resolved by anomaly committee

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