Monday, 5 September 2016

National pay fixational anomaly/Review committee for each deptt. Should be constituted. For all employees.

National pay fixational anomaly/Review committee for each deptt. Should be constituted. For all employees.

There is need to constitute a national pay review committee , by which all such suffered employees, can get justice . Because some wrong previous pay fixations, i.e. 2006 are making now surprising Basic Pay in 7th CPC. PA joined 1991 to 1996 all are getting fixed in Rs.50500/- { grade pay equal Rs. 4200}

It is humble request from all such suffered employees those does never pay attention to his wrong fixation . They does not know the updated rulings . They never do complaint. Once accountant fixed the pay lower cadre employees assume/ accept it. In Different dn. In different states there are various difference in basic pay of same joining same cadre official, some of junior cadre getting higher basic pay , compare to higher promoted colleges.

Because a large No. of post of Accountants was vacant in various Head post offices since long years.

Some Accountants could not follow proper fixation procedure in previous time , because there were no internet , software, apps available in fixation of 2006. No any centralised system anonymous , similar format was available . Ex. When any employee {postman} who already in grade pay of Rs.2400 but he passed exam LGO. He does not given notional increment. Likewise any PA already drawn grade pay Rs 2800/- He was not given any notional increment. There never came any change in his pay even one Rs.1/-.

When MACP I. Given IInd given Grade pay difference and one increment given in some division two increment given . At DNI fixation but only one increment given .

In a review among same batch employees of same initial entry cadre of different states . But surprising fact that they are drawing salary of different pay.

1. PA 1991 joining 1995, 1996, 1994 joining PA they all are getting fixed on july 2016 on Rs. 50500/- { ex by name available.}

2. Two postman of same joining period of same basic pay. But one LGO passed, both are getting equal basic as he was postmen with his college postman.

3. PA. Those {Trg oct 1994 to dec 1994,} joined on January 1995 PA. Was taking higher basic compare to his junior 1996 i.e. joined PA.

But at time of pay revision 1994, 1995, 1996 they all become same grade pay before 7th CPC 1995, 1996 joined PA getting higher basic pay. Among them , senior PA of them, selected PM grade I but he still getting lower salary , compare to his equivalent PA.

There are large no. Of anomalies are existing, in whole country but due to non availability of any platform, no one could not do any thing.

Very very humble request, this formation of said committee, system may give huge justice to all suffered lower cadre innocent officials.


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