Friday, 15 July 2016

Day-1: - IPO Exam - Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal)

IPO Exam - Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal)

1. What is the full form of CCS (CCA) Rules? – Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal)

2. In which year the CCS (CCA) rules were framed – 1965

3. Who is authorized to frame rules to regulate the recruitment and condition of services of central government employees? – President of India

4. Name of two essential features of the inquiry provided in Article 311 –

i. The government servant has to be informed of the charges.
ii. He must be given reasonable opportunity to defend himself.

5. Disciplinary Authority :-

I. Disciplinary authority means the authority competent under the CCA (CCS) rules, 1965 to impose on a Government Servant any one of the penalties in Rule 11 therefore.
II. The penalties specified in Rule 11 may be imposed by the specified in the schedule appended to the rule.
III. No major penalty shall be imposed by any authority subordinate to the appointing authority.

6. Ad hoc Disciplinary Authority

I. Where the prescribed appointing authority or disciplinary authority is unable to function as disciplinary in respect of an official on account of his being personally concerned with the charges or being a material witness in support of the charge.
II. Where the appointing authority in respect of an official is of higher rank than the present Disciplinary authority.

7. Can an officer performing current duties of a post exercise statutory powers?

I. An officer appointed to perform the current duties of the post can exercise administrative or financial powers only vested and he cannot exercise statutory powers.
II. The officer holding current duties of a higher post can exercise the powers of the competent authority in so far as passing of order of suspension pending investigation is concerned.

8. What are the entitlement during suspension

I. For the first three months

i. Subsistence allowance equal to leave salary on half pay leave
ii. DA on the subsistence allowance
iii. HRA as admissible before suspension

II. After three months subsistence allowance can be increased or decreased up to 50% of the original subsistence allowance depending upon whether the period of suspension has been prolonged due to reasons directly attributable to the government.


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