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Day-2 - IPO Exam - CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965

1. What are the deductions permitted from the subsistence allowance?

Compulsory Deduction
Optional Deduction
Deduction Prohibitive
Income Tax
Premium due on PLI
Subscription to GPF
HRA and allied charges, i.e. electricity, water and furniture etc
Amount due to Co-operative Credit Societies
Amount due on court attachment
Repayment of Loans and advances taken from Government
Refund of advances taken from GPF
Recovery of loss to Government for which a government servant is responsible.

Not – The deduction should not more than one-third of the subsistence allowance excluding dearness allowance and other compensatory allowances from subsistence allowance. 

2. What are the administrative effects of suspension? 

a) Government servant is not supposed to attend office or mark attendance. Entry Card is withdrawan 

b) Scooter or car advance cannot be granted 

c) HBA can be granted 

d) LTC can be granted only to the family members 

e) Government servant can function as defense assistant. 

f) Government servant cannot be sent on training deputation etc. 

3. Resignation of a Government servant under suspension can be accepted only in public interest if:- 

a) Charges do not involve moral turpitude. 

b) Available evidence is not likely to lead to removal or dismissal 

c) The proceedings are likely to be very protracted and it would be cheaper to the Government to accept the resignation 

d) In above cases, resignation can be accepted with the approval of minister-in-charge in case of Group A and B officers and Head of Department in case of other officers. 

e) Sealed cover procedure has to be followed if a Government servant under suspension becomes eligible for consideration for promotion etc. 

f) Permission for voluntary retirement during suspension can be denied by the competent authority. 

g) On attaining the age of superannuation the suspended Government servant will be retired. Subsistence allowance shall be stopped. He will be paid only provision pension. 

h) LTC can be withheld if there is possibility of some money becoming recoverable as a result of the proceedings. 

i) Permission can be given to appear in Departmental Examination, but promotion will be considered only after finalization of the proceedings. 

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